Sunday, 16 October 2011



I did not update the old blog so I nie ... how should I connect the end i think about financial planning and I have not time it occurred about noon LAND & HOUSES.
The question many hesitated to say the profits from land purchase to buy a house and some of them said the profit to buy a house ...

Any profits to buy House

1.Can rent directly (this is my main)
2. no need to modify the home
3. can refinance the home tu
4. high demand
5. relatively high annual price increases
6. house prices are now between 50k - max
7. be in the guard house in good condition when sold

Any profits to buy LAND

1. can try to plant palm / rubber (this is my main)
2. can apply agro-tuk get crop loans
3. high demand
4. very high increase in the annual price
5. land prices are now between 35k per acre - max
6. land if not in the guard and run it fixed prices soar
7. so where the profit is actually .. there are advantages and disadvantages ...

at first I thought my house was preferred over the land since the end of this .. but I think the real profits of land ..
I see now more extreme and house prices and bid in the auction though I saw that many already know and like the price of purchase of sub-sales ... and the current government in an effort to control the excessive increase in household wealth now ... so does the price of land will fall ????? on my land prices are not falling .... so anyone have this last land the developer or contractor will pursue to buy coz I do residential areas ...
so if the contractor you want to develop land that, can make an agreement that one acre of land you can make 10 pieces of the house .. automatically you may ask the house 2 cloves 1 / 2 home near the ground ... so if you want to make 30 pieces of his home Posted to free home Posted 7 seeds 1 / 2 the house ... so can assume a houses value is RM150k (terraced houses), if I have 7 seed at how much profit ?????
so any more profit ?????

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